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PROJECT PRINCIPAL offers a unique opportunity to bring highly influential community leaders into schools across the Houston Independent School District to increase awareness about the strengths and challenges of public education, demonstrate the private sector’s commitment to education, and form ongoing support and partnerships between individuals/businesses and HISD.


Wednesday, October 30, 2019
8 a.m. to 2 p.m. (includes debrief and networking luncheon)

WHO Can Participate?

Highly influential business / civic leaders who want to demonstrate increased community support for public schools, build their context for student learning and critical campus operations, and influence their organizational networks to engage more intentionally as a community partner.

HOW Does Project Principal Work?

The ‘Project Principal’ is a guest principal who spends the morning on a campus with school administration and students to shares ideas and learn about the schools’ day-to-day operations to support student learning. The Project Principal will build context by:

  • Share insights w/ a class

  • Meet with student leaders

  • Read to students

  • Address a class assembly

  • Attend student performances

  • Observe instruction

  • Review technology used in teaching

The morning ends with all Project Principals convening over lunch with the Superintendent and district leadership to discuss their experience, potential commitments, and plans for future engagement with their host school.


Registration link coming soon!