Keeping students at the center.


We are fiercely optimistic about the future of public education.

We are optimistic because our students are incredible. They are resilient, intelligent, kind, and creative. We are optimistic because public education is a local issue, which means we have the power to make change.

And change is possible because our communities are full of people like you. People ready to accept personal responsibility, make sacrifices, and take action rooted in collective hope for the future of all students in our city.


We activate this dormant power in three primary ways: 1) equipping diverse leaders in every community, 2) ensuring the electorate is informed and ready to take action, and 3) elevating the effectiveness of school board governance.

We do this work with enthusiastic expectation that our public schools can provide a future full of hope and opportunity to each and every student in our community.

If it sounds like you could fit in here, we invite you to join our movement.


Patricia Arvanitis
CEO, Leadership ISD



We put kids first

We believe in what’s possible

We honor and respect all voices

We take care of each other

We create solutions together

The individual is the spur to public action. We are the government. The basic power still lies in the hands of the citizens. But we must use it. That means that in every small unit of government, each individual citizen must feel his individual responsibility to do the best with his citizenship that he possibly can achieve.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

We envision a Texas where public education offers opportunity and hope to every child.

Our mission is to advance educational equity by informing and activating community leaders to shape policy, lead strategically, and champion change.

  • Leadership ISD is born

    We are officially incorporated as a 501c3 in Texas.

  • Innaugural Class

    The first cohort of 90 Dallas County Fellows graduate.

  • New Leadership

    Patricia Arvanitis moves from Board Chair to Executive Director.

  • Tarrant County

    The inaugural Tarrant County Fellowship cohort launches.

  • A Growing Network

    80 Fellows graduate from our Civic Voices programs in DFW.

  • Policy Work

    We launch our first policy practicum teams in Dallas and Fort Worth.

  • Harris County

    The inaugural Harris County Fellowship cohort launches.

  • Student Voices

    Dallas County launches four Student Voices cohorts with twelve participating high schools.

  • A Statewide Network

    130 Civic Voices Fellows and 90 Student Voices Fellows graduate across our regions.

  • Parent Voices

    Our long awaited inaugural Parent Voices cohort launches in Dallas County.

  • Campus Voices

    Campus Voices, another much anticipated cohort, launches in Dallas County.