Our Supporters

Just a few of the wonderful people and organizations that have supported us financially.

Financial Supporters

Houston Endowment

Kinder Foundation

Rainwater Foundation

The Morris Foundation

Meadows Foundation

Williams Family Foundation

Sid Richardson Foundation

Communities Foundation of Texas

Boone Family Foundation

Individual Donors

Andy & Jennifer Scripps

Bill and Lydia (Class of 2015) Addy

William Payne

Barth Family

LeAnn Binford, Class of 2014

Marty Brainerd

Tom and Sherri Cook (Class of 2013)

Kathryn Crow

Giles Davidson, Class of 2012

Richard Evans

Nancy Footer

Michael Gagne, Class of 2015

Valerie Haskell, Class of 2013

Jerry Hawkins, Class of 2013

Tricia Horatio, Class of 2013

Michelle Kinder

Kate Leary, Class of 2015

LISD Class of 2015

Libby (Class of 2013) and Murray McCabe

Tanya McDonald, Class of 2013

Patricia McQuinn

Louisa Meyer

Shannon Miller, Class of 2015

Jennifer Mosle, Class of 2012

Jennifer Nagorka, Class of 2014

Martha Norton

Ann and Michael Ochstein

Karen Pollock, Class of 2014

Brandon Ratzlaff, Class of 2015

Elizabeth Rubalcava, Class of 2014

Martha Stowe, Class of 2012

Jim Terry

Dee and Trey Velvin

Richard Vitale

Sarah (Class of 2014) and Russell Weinberg

Robert Weiss

Laura Willmann

Stuart Williams, Class of 2015

Ellen Wood

Megan Yagelski, Class of 2013