Why are FWISD School Board Elections Important?


Fort Worth ISD trustees are responsible for setting the district’s vision, values, goals, and policies for student achievement. Trustees also approve and oversee a budget of approximately $800 million that directly impacts 86,234 students, 17,000 staff, and 148 schools. However, the process of electing FWISD Trustees has historically been decided by low voter turnouts. Additionally, community engagement around important district policies and practices in public education have also been historically low. And yet, the responsibilities and decisions of the Trustees and superintendent directly impact the quality of our public schools and the hope, opportunity, and success of our students.

With your support, Leadership ISD has been working to reshape this narrative in Tarrant County by organizing community leaders to advocate and support public education, ensuring public action by informing constituents on the importance of their vote. In the May 2019 elections, your support helped LISD contribute to a 49% increase in voter turnouts observed for FWISD School Board elections. The time has come once again to Get Out The Vote and we need your help! 

A Special Election has been scheduled by the Fort Worth ISD for November 5, 2019 to fill the vacated Trustee - District 4 seat. This special election was scheduled following the announcement of Trustee T.A. Sims’ retirement after a long-tenure of service to FWISD and the Fort Worth community. With your continued support, we can ensure constituents are informed for the upcoming 2019 District 4 FWISD Trustee Special Election and that voter engagement continues to increase around this important governing body of elected officials. We encourage you to exercise your right to vote in this upcoming election for your local school boards and other ballot items, in addition to sharing the election details for the 2019 District 4 FWISD special election with your networks so that voters are informed.

There are three candidates running in the 2019 District 4 FWID Special Election and their names will appear on the ballot as follows. 

Johnny Cook-Muhammad, Family Program Manager


Daphne Brookins, Youth Administrator


Terry D.T. Miles, Artist


You can visit the FWISD Website for more information about the 2019 District 4 FWISD Special Election, voter information, and ballot information.