From their Leadershp ISD experience, with their unique passions and strengths, our participants go on to impact many areas of community leadership, advocacy, and governance.

ANDY CANALES, Harris ‘18

Andy is committed to exploring the intersection of data and social factors that influence education outcomes. He joined Leadership ISD to learn and exchange ideas with other thought leaders while continuing to develop his personal theory of impact for educational equity.

This exploration and network recently led Andy to be named Executive Director of Latinos 4 Education in Houston. In this role he'll work to identify and cultivate new leaders in the latinx community who will serve on nonprofit education boards and on the executive teams of education institutions. This work is vital to ensuring diverse leaders are equipped to influence decisions that impact the educational experiences of a rapidly growing community of Latino students mostly in underserved communities.

Andy also leverages his Leadership ISD experience to inform his leadership on the Board of Directors of TEACH, an organization that provides educators with intensive training in conflict resolution to promote calmer classrooms to decrease disciplinary referrals to improve student achievement.

AICHA DAVIS, Dallas ‘17

After a decade as an educator, Aicha joined Leadership ISD to find her voice as an advocate to improve outcomes for all students in Texas. Through the Fellowship, Aicha worked with the Dallas ISD Office of Racial Equity to develop curricular resources, and served on the Envision Dallas ISD working group. She also made statewide connections through the program that gave her on-ramps to join the Texas Education Policy Institute and TEA’s Educator Standards committee.

Her tireless statewide advocacy efforts contributed towards:

  • Removal of creationism from science to philosophy courses

  • Behavior support and a statewide ban on suspension for early learners

  • Addition of contributions from women and minorities in American Principles courses

  • More future-focused Texas Educator standards that foster innovative student learning

After this successful advocacy, Aicha decided to run for a leadership position on the State Board of Education. She won this seat in November 2018 and now serves as the representative for District 13.

I sincerely feel empowered because of my experience with Leadership ISD. The Fellowship gave me the knowledge, connections, and support to make positive changes for ALL students in Dallas County - and beyond!
— Aicha Davis


ROBERT ROGERS, Tarrant ‘17

Everyone’s favorite ENT doctor by day, and relentless education advocate always, Robert Rogers personifies passion. Before he joined the Fellowship, Robert was already serving as the Board President for Reading Partners, a non-profit literacy tutoring program. The knowledge he gained in Leadership ISD has helped him ask the right questions and find the right information to ensure the organization is serving in the most equitable way and making the greatest impact.

Robert has used his voice support of key policies at Fort Worth ISD board meetings, to promote the successful passage of the FWISD 2017 bond through door knocking, and to encourage community members to support the literacy efforts of FWISD by authoring an op-ed in the Star-Telegram.

Robert remains and active advocate through the Leadership ISD Alumni Association and a Read Fort Worth volunteer.

It is pretty easy to say that you are a public school advocate. Learning how to be an effective one is an entirely different matter. Leadership ISD gave me the tools I need to be an effective advocate in a complex system... This is a life-changing experience.
— Robert Rogers


TAYLOR SHEAD, Dallas ‘18

Taylor has advocacy for kids in her soul and Leadership ISD served to give her passionate voice wings. She was already serving students as a Dallas ISD Industry Partner at a P-TECH high school. The insight and connections made in the Fellowship has enabled her to bring new information and opportunities to her students in her constant effort to be the best leader she can be for them. Through the Fellowship, Taylor was appointed to the critical Dallas ISD Facilities and Technology Task Force, where she provides an innovative and equity-centered voice to inform the district’s use of current resources and planning of how to best allocate new funds approved in the November 2018 Tax Ratification Election.

Taylor also boldly stepped up to share her story and that of her students at a hearing of the Texas Public School Finance Commission at the state capital. She decided to use her platform as a Leadership ISD alum to start a podcast with fellow cohort-member, Bryan Tony. The Honor Role Podcast shares the latest happenings in education to empower its audience with relevant information, advocacy strategies, and access to subject matter experts.



Julie is a powerful volunteer in Cypress-Fiarbanks ISD and a committed advocate for all children having access to strong public schools. She joined Leadership ISD to help build her advocacy skills and better understand how to empower others to use their voice for kids.

Through the Fellowship, Julie checked off one of her bucket list items by testifying in Austin in front of the Texas Public School Finance Commission. With a reignited passion for the power of one voice in our democratic system, Julie worked with the League of Women Voters to help hundreds of students register to vote in Harris County. Julie also took the knowledge and skills gained in the Fellowship to host a community meeting of neighbors and friends to ensure the electorate was equipped to make informed decisions during the midterm elections, especially as it related to seats that would impact education issues.


Q PHILLIPS, Tarrant ‘18

Q is driven by a desire to see the “right things” done the “right way” in his community.

The connections and tools gained in the Fellowship have helped Q refine strategies in his professional work in the Stop Six community. He is focused on meeting needs to improve student outcomes and building school ambassadors by ensuring students know, and are proud of, the history of their community.

Outside of his job, Q promotes student success as a member of the FWISD Racial Equity Committee Member, a member of Dads of Dunbar, and an active participant of the LISD Alumni Association. He has decided to take his service even further by running for FWISD District 3 Trustee.

Leadership ISD continues to help me to fulfill my role as an advocate looking at all things through the lens of cultural competency and equity to ensure that all people groups are being served with dignity.
— Q Phillips



Dolores joined the Fellowship as a long-standing CEO of a student-serving nonprofit in West Dallas. She had grown the organization to have a tremendous impact on student outcomes in that community. Leadership ISD allowed her build on this impact by helping her realize the importance of her positional power in influencing the education system for all kids. Dolores hit the ground running with her newfound advocacy skills and tools. She mastered the art of storytelling for a purpose and was not deterred by setbacks. Dolores worked with other LISD classmates to inform the strategy behind a Tax Ratification Election and the following advocacy campaign. She hosted issue meetings in her community with Trustees, spoke at multiple board meetings, co-chaired the Strong Schools Strong Dallas TRE Coalition, and published an op-ed to support the issue.

The Tax Ratification Election proved to be a three-year effort, recently passing with a strong majority in November 2018. This success would not have been possible without the relentless efforts of Dolores alongside many other Leadership ISD Fellows and alumni.

The Fellowship literally woke me up...I didn’t realize how much more I could do. The knowledge and confidence I gained from Leadership ISD lit the fire under me to work towards policies that will benefit kids instead of adults.
— Dolores Sosa-Green



Winford was a trustee on the Spring ISD school board upon entering the fellowship. Already an expert in policy, he joined the fellowship to push his thinking with others leaders and community members around the complexity of education issues.

Through a series of discussions and connections to better understand the LSG framework, Winford was able to successfully influence his board of trustee peers and superintendent to participate in this training. Winford’s influence is a great example of work to elevate school boards to use more strategic frameworks for monitoring student outcomes at the board level and aligns directly to Leadership ISD’s goal to elevate school boards.

Leadership ISD has given me the opportunity to hear from other perspectives from my own...As I embark on my position as a board member I am better equipped to talk about the issues the Fellowship exposed me to.
— Winford Adams