Seven thousand school board members are leading districts across Texas, representing the largest group of elected officials in the state. We aim to support this critical role that sits at the junction of policy and effective implementation of targeted improvement efforts.


These expert led trainings will provide school board candidates with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to ensure you are equipped to win your campaign and to positively impact student outcomes from the outset of your board service. Leadership ISD continues to support you after you are elected as well—All of our program participants can take advantage of our Supported to Succeed offerings when you become a trustee.

+ Who is this training for?

If you are considering a role in public service, especially running for your local school board, these workshops are for you. We are a nonpartisan organization who is interested in preparing anyone who believes school boards can and should improve student outcomes.

+ What will I get out of the training?

This is a four-part series, consisting of the following modules:


  • Family, time, & finances
  • Vision, role, & platform
  • Historical & political landscape


  • Building a team
  • Budgeting & fundraising
  • Messaging & marketing
  • Compliance & ethics


  • Candidate priorities
  • Lessons from first-time candidates
  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • Creating a strong plan


  • Field operations & managing a team
  • Campaign communications & GOTV
  • Building relationships & endorsements

Each workshop lasts around 5 hours and will be held on Saturdays.

+ What is the cost?

All workshops are free to Leadership ISD Fellows and alumni. For members of the public, a fee will be required, depending on the training. (Fee covers supplies and lunch)

+ How do I sign up?

Upcoming Dates will be posted soon.


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If you have committed to running for school board, or are already serving, this intensive weekend workshop will teach you the board behaviors most correlated with improvements in student outcomes, help you adopt the mindset necessary to create change, and equip you with the information and connections to move forward successfully in the work.

This is a two-day workshop that will be held from 9am-6pm on a consecutive Friday and Saturday. Attendance for the entirety of each day is required for certification.

+ Who is this training for?

Committed school board candidates, as well as governing teams (Trustees, Superintendent, and key district administrators), who are interested in leveraging research-based school governance practices to improve student outcomes are invited to participate.

+ What will I get out of the training?

This training is provided by a certified Lone Star Governance Coach and satisfies TEA's recommended effective governance training for all trustees. Subjects covered during the workshop include:

  • Student outcome goals & monitoring
  • Board structures & operations
  • Board & Superintendent accountability
  • Community advocacy & engagement
  • Collaboration & unity

+ What is the cost?

All workshops are free to Leadership ISD Fellows and alumni. For non-members, the weekend workshop fee is dependent on the region. (Fee covers supplies, breakfast, and lunch)

+ How do I sign up?

Upcoming Dates will be posted soon.




Getting to the board table is only the beginning. Few school board members are given the tools and support to effectively run such complex organizations while managing increasingly politicized environments.

Our ongoing trustee support offerings are flexible and customizable based on the needs of each trustee, community, board, and/or district.

+ Who is this support for?

This offering is for School board members looking for research and support crafting equitable policies and practices and fully implementing best governance practices to improve student outcomes.

+ What will I get out of the relationship?

We strive to equip all board members with tools and information for success and to build long-term relationships to propel transformational leadership for students. Our support offerings include:

  • Online 1566 training (state-mandated)
  • Policy Fellows to support board members with national and local research, data, & case studies on innovative policy and practice
  • State advocacy support & network for your district
  • NXT Board Management Platform
  • Community connections & communication
  • School Board School Toolkit to help districts cultivate effective candidates

+ What is the cost?

Services are negotiated on an individual basis.

+ How do I sign up?

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please email