We’re innovators, advocates, and policy nerds. We’re committed to improving education for all kids and we have fun along the way.

To accomplish our vision we are focused on three key actions: 1) equipping and elevating more diverse voices to champion change, 2) ensuring stakeholders advocate for equitable practices, elect effective policymakers, and hold officials accountable for student outcomes, and 3) elevating school board governance by supporting sitting Trustees and preparing more candidates to govern effectively.

The enduring aspect of our work is not the programming itself, but the capacity for change that we build—the knowledge, skills, identities, and relationships—that will sustain civic engagement long after a program ends.

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To advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization and the Texas communities we serve, Leadership ISD intends to develop and use an equity lens to target organizational resources and investments to align with our operations, activities, and policies with our equity and diversity goals. Towards this end, Leadership ISD has committed to:

  • Use data to inform systemic change and to influence racial equity in practice, legislation, and policy.

  • Consider workforce equity when recruiting, employing, supporting, and retaining our workforce.

  • Provide support and education to Leadership ISD board, staff, fellows, and advisors through professional development opportunities.

  • Establish program participation criteria that include racial equity, diversity, and inclusion expectations.

  • Develop partnerships with organizations and individuals who are both ready and committed to promoting and supporting racial equity.

  • Establish a sourcing and procurement process that aligns with our diversity, equity, and inclusion values.